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Digital substations and log collection

European electric power system operators supply around 2800 TWh of electricity per year and manage around 10 million kilometers of power lines - more than ten round trips to the Moon. Such electric travel is impossible without electric substations, an essential component of a power grid. Its automation becomes ultimately digitalized, so requires proper monitoring both for operational and security purposes. Let’s take a look at how a unified log collection pipeline embeds into power automation systems and helps make sure the lights stay on.


The evolution of event logging: from clay tablets to Taylor Swift

Event logs are our breakfast, lunch, and dinner at NXLog. Before NXLog, I worked on an API that collected software usage logs. And before that, on a centralized log management application. Today, after a career of dealing with logs, I wondered, "How did our world come to rely so much on event logging?" I mean, in the vast landscape of technological progress, the history of event logging is only a minor subplot.

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Migrate to NXLog Enterprise Edition 6 for our best ever log collection experience

NXLog Enterprise Edition 5 has been with us for nearly four years. That’s four years of being an industry-leading log collection tool adored by engineering teams and Fortune 100 customers around the globe. And while the NXLog Enterprise Edition 5 story isn’t yet over, it needs to move forward to keep pace with modern technologies and new demands. Like any good muscle car, NXLog EE 5 has its limits, and so back in 2022 we came face-to-face with a problem - it required too much to change under the hood to stay modern and effective.

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Raijin announces release of version 1.5

Raijin has announced the release of version 1.5 of its powerful, schemaless SQL-like database engine. This version introduces several performance improvements. Read on for the highlights and check out the Raijin release notes for a complete list of the features and improvements. Centralized storage for simpler management Until now, Raijin stored various stateful files in different locations across the system, requiring additional effort to keep track of that content. Raijin has now been refactored to use /data as the base directory.

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GLBA Compliance in 2024 - Reporting directly to the FTC

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved amendments to its Safeguards Rule that require FTC-regulated non-banking financial institutions to report data breaches and other security events directly to the FTC. It was originally proposed to add a breach notification requirement back in late 2021. The rule requires financial institutions to report “notification events” to the FTC within 30 days of discovery of the notification event where the private information of 500+ consumers is involved.

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The story of the $1,900,000 penalty for insufficient log management

It was late March 2021 when a phishing email was sent to a network administrator of TTEC Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (TTEC HS) - an integrated healthcare CX solutions provider - and a threat actor gained highly privileged access to the network. On September 12, 2021, a common ransomware scenario was triggered, with approximately 1,800 devices compromised via the access channel obtained almost 5 months earlier. Prior to executing the ransomware attack, the threat actor successfully exfiltrated data from the TTEC HS network, containing non-public information (NPI) of current and former employees of TTEC HS, and for individuals who were insured by one of TTEC HS’s clients, including, importantly, some New York residents.


2023 and NXLog - a review

Announcing NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.10

Raijin announces release of version 1.4

Announcing NXLog Enterprise Edition 6.2

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