NXLog Enterprise Edition version 5.0 Release Announcement

Release announcement

We are happy to announce NXLog Enterprise Edition v5.0.

This is a new major release that lays the foundation of improvements for the near future. We worked on hundreds of issues, features and changes.

Some of the highlights follow:

Enterprise Edition 5.0 is available - overview of the new features

NXLog Ltd, developer of multiplatform log collection suite, has now published a new major release, NXLog Enterprise Edition version 5.0, which includes many new features for enhancing secure and reliable log collection for the enterprise. This new release further positions NXLog as the log collection agent of choice for MSSPs, SIEMs and Log Management suites across Windows, Linux and Unix platforms, and containers. Below are the main new features. If you are interested in the details and the changelogs, please click here.