NXLog Enterprise Edition - serving your event data collection needs

Today's IT infrastructure can be very demanding in terms of event logs. Hundreds of different devices, applications, appliances produce vast amounts of event log messages. These must be handled in real-time, forwarded or stored in a central location after filtering, message classification, correlation, and other typical log processing tasks. In most organizations these tasks are solved by connecting a dozen different scripts and programs which all have their custom format and configuration.
The NXLog Enterprise Edition is a high-performance multi-platform log collection solution aimed at solving these tasks and doing it with a single tool.

Key features
Integrate with any SIEM -
The NXLog Enterprise Edition works with a wide range of SIEM and log analytics products and services

Avoid vendor lock-in - integrate with any SIEM

Superior OS support
Collect audit logs natively on each supported platform in addition to basic operating system logs and application logs
Outstanding Windows log collection capabilities
The NXLog Enterprise Edition is the most advanced log collector on the market today for the Windows platform
Secure and reliable collection and transfer

Signed installer packages

Employs flow control to ensure disruptions do not cause data loss even without buffering.

Compression over the wire to reduce network traffic

Full TLS/SSL support for encrypted data transfer

Remote management
Managing a large number of log collectors across different platforms and with different sysadmin teams in charge can be difficult. Deploy your configuration changes and monitor your agents remotely!

Provides a SOAP/XML and JSON REST API for remote management

Cen­tral­ized mon­i­tor­ing and man­age­ment using NXLog Man­ager or via command line scripts

Firewall-friendly - management connections can be agent initiated or manager initiated.

Monitor the agent's health and data collection statistics

Extreme flexibility

Simple and powerful configuration syntax

Read mul­ti­ple log sources si­mul­ta­ne­ously with a single service

Send to more than one destination if needed

Use Perl or Python to easily embed custom parsers or integrate with other log sources

Supports agent-less and agent-based log collection modes

The ideal tool to col­lect and cen­tral­ize log data

Fast, reliable and efficient

No extra dependencies required. It does not use Java runtime, python interpreter and runs as native code

Blazingly fast, scalable

Can handle thousands of connections in server mode

Lightweight with a low memory footprint of a few megabytes

Supports a wide range of data formats and protocols

Designed with structured data in mind. Most other log collectors are still Syslog based while NXLog embraces structured logging to alleviate the need for writing parsers

File integrity monitoring

Detect changes to files and directories on all supported platforms

Can also monitor the Windows registry for changes

There are security flaws discovered every other day that need attention. OS upgrades may break your log management system. Adding some new log sources can be a challenge.

Unlike the NXLog Community Edition, which is a volunteer effort, the NXLog Enterprise Edition receives regular hot-fixes and enhancements. You and your organization can feel a lot safer, especially with the NXLog Enterprise Support subscription.

NXLog Enterprise Edition, just like all NXLog products, comes with extended documentation for full transparency and to help you set up the tool easily.
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