Today's IT infrastructure can be very demanding in terms of event logs. Hundreds of different devices, applications, appliances produce vast amounts of event log messages. These must be handled in real time, forwarded or stored in a central location after filtering, message classification, correlation and other typical log processing tasks. In most organizations these tasks are solved by connecting a dozen different scripts and programs which all have their custom format and configuration.

NXLog is a high-performance multi-platform log management solution aimed at solving these tasks and doing it all in one place. Here is a short summary of its features:

  • Multiplatform - support for Unix/Linux, MS Windows
  • Modular architecture through dynamically loadable plugins
  • Scalable, high-performance I/O - collect messages above 100k events per second from thousands of sources
  • Message buffering and prioritization - no lost or dropped messages
  • Simple configuration format with a powerful language similar to Perl
  • Scheduled tasks and built-in log rotation
  • Support for different formats such as syslog, csv, windows eventlog, checkpoint LEA or even custom formats
  • Remote administration and statistics with a webservice API for easier integration to external monitoring tools
  • Offline processing mode for post processing, conversion or transfer
  • Real-time event correlation and classification
  • Log message rewrite, conversion between different formats
  • Secure SSL transport, message integrity and timestamping support
  • Internationalization for supporting different character sets and on the fly auto-detection of encodings