NXLog Community Edition

The modern, open-source log collector

Implementing a centralized logging system plays a critical role in IT security. Logs from all critical infrastructure elements need to be collected and forwarded securely and reliably to a central log server while taking into account the various types of log sources, formats, and platforms.

NXLog Community Edition is an open-source product available at no cost.

Free Open-source Log Collector

The NXLog Community Edition comes with ready-to-deploy installation packages for Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. It is available at no cost under the terms of the NXLog Public License.

The source code is available for GNU/Linux users to modify and recompile under the terms of its license

Nxlog Community Edition Free Open Source
Collect data from most common log sources

Supports the most common data sources such as Windows Event Log, flat files, and syslog.

Structured logging by parsing and rewriting

In addition to full syslog compatibility, it can also parse and generate CSV, W3C, GELF, JSON, XML, and KVP formats and has its own binary data transport format.

Send your event data to most popular solutions

Need to ship data to ELK, Graylog, Loggly, or some other SIEM? We’ve got you covered!


Reliable and secure

In addition to the unreliable UDP transport, the NXLog CE also supports TCP and TLS-based network transport and message buffering.

Feather 2

Flexible and powerful

Log message rewrite, event correlation, enrichment, filtering, pattern matching, conversion and many more features.


Simple configuration

Uses a simple configuration file format that is easy to customize for you to get started right away.

User Interface

Small footprint

With its small footprint, it can run practically unnoticed in the background as a service using minimal resources.

Looking For More Features?

While the NXLog Community Edition provides all the flexibility and performance of the NXLog engine, the NXLog Enterprise Edition includes additional modules and core features along with timely hot-fixes and updates, which are crucial to enterprise environments.

NXLog Enterprise Edition can provide highly configurable, secure, centralized log collection solutions that can help organizations meet compliance mandates.

More Features Nxlog Community Edition

Get Involved!

We are committed to maintaining the NXLog Community Edition for years to come, though please note that this is a volunteer effort. If you’d like to get involved, download the source code. The public contrib repository contains projects that extend its functionality. You can also post questions, provide answers to questions, or engage in conversations with other users in the Community Forum.

NXLog Community Edition project hosted on GitLab

Contrib projects

NXLog Community Forum