Telecommunications operators heavily rely on IT networks for their business, with the responsibility to manage complex IT networks spanning a wide variety of devices and applications. Telecom networks generate huge volumes of log messages daily.

A comprehensive logging functionality must be in use as part of the IT stack at these companies. Logging and auditing data can also be used for future use cases that affect the industry.
NXLog provides logging functionalities for use cases like below
  • The information provided on these log messages is the key element in detecting and resolving security breaches or network outages. It is essential to manage the huge number of logs properly and to find a solution which can be integrated to any type of SIEM product.
  • Telecom providers control access to several types of sensitive data, being mindful that auditing functions must be reliable to detect potential security breaches.
  • Networking industries are the centerpiece of large networks, connecting to many hosts and other networks. This creates a complex ecosystem with multiple stakeholders with different, even competing, policies, and interests.
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