Oracle DB query

Good day Family

I have a problem with nxlog on Linux, I am having difficulties pulling records from an oracle DB using the agent.
Has anyone done it before?

Please help

AskedAugust 5, 2020 - 5:40pm

Send .csv to graylog

Hi again!
i want to check this config its ok. I need send a .csv to graylog and the graylog server is not getting messages and I wanted to check that the nxlog configuration was well done. The nxlog log, start without problems

#define ROOT C:\Program Files\nxlog
define ROOT C:\Program Files (x86)\nxlog

Moduledir %ROOT%\modules
CacheDir %ROOT%\data
Pidfile %ROOT%\data\nxlog.pid
SpoolDir %ROOT%\data
LogFile %ROOT%\data\nxlog.log

AskedAugust 5, 2020 - 3:43pm

Sending IP only

Is it possible to force the agent to send the IP address of the host in the syslog message?

Either send Only the IP or at least ensure the IP is included with the hostname.

AskedAugust 4, 2020 - 2:48pm

Add leading zeroes to integer

You can get microseconds of an DateTime object:

integer microsecond(datetime datetime)
    Return the microsecond part of the time value.

Since this a fraction of a second want it to log:

 second($EventTime) + "." + microsecond(($EventTime)

However this is wrong, when the microseconds fraction is lower then 100000. I need to add leading zeroes.

How do i do this?

AskedJuly 31, 2020 - 6:16pm

Azure Sentinel Add-On

Any roadmap to create a specific Add-On for Azure Sentinel. It looks like a great fit since they are leveraging Logstash and fluentd as recommendations and those are not the easiest items to manage at scale.

AskedJuly 31, 2020 - 2:38pm