Lawyers and law firms have legal obligations after an electronic data breach or cyber-attack according to the Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility of the American Bar Association. In this context, it is clear why should law firms, in-house legal counsel, and even Chief Legal Officers (CLOs) care about log collection. In terms of security breaches or cyber-attacks, logs hold a crucial role in providing an electronic trail of evidence.

Log collection and audit trails hold important metadata (a form of electronic evidence), that must be produced either as part of a compliance or audit request or as part of a legal dispute. NXLog provides solutions for the collection of logs emitted by such data sources - from the operating system right through to the application layer.

In addition to the use of event logs, legal counselors must also be versed in the challenges presented in this technology. Challenges include legal mandates around log retention and the correct treatment of PII data in logs, right through to the need to ensure the immutability of logs in the event of a legal proceeding.

The NXLog Enterprise Edition can help you in this regard by its features built specifically for the needs of today’s enterprise systems. Please contact us for further details as to how our solutions can meet your needs.
NXLog provides logging functionalities for use cases like below
  • NXLog log collection capabilities assist in meeting obligations such as ISO 27001 or standards offered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology such as SP 800-92. Enabling the general protection of client data and attorney work are among the top benefits of event log collection. For example, it is important to record all edits and revisions of documents so that there is no unauthorized modification or removal of information.
  • Audit logging records crucial event records, not only in the event of meeting compliance requirements but also in the event of an incident response or as part of a post-breach investigation. NXLog provides log collection capabilities for these types of incidents. In the security industry, NXLog software is suggested and recommended by security researchers working in the areas of incident and digital forensics.
  • GDPR compliance is mandatory for all companies within the EU that process the personal data of their clients. NXLog provides features to help with GDPR compliance, such as forwarding logs to a centralized server for further processing such as applying log retention policies.
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