Identifying threats to national security on the IT infrastructure is important. A breach or an attack can lead to a ripple effect across national assets associated with government resources.

A threat vector is a malicious opportunity of how a network can be attacked and, as a result, be a potential point of compromise. Networks that are attacked by nation-state actors also face the possibility of pivot after a compromise, therefore reinforcing the need for logging software to maintain auditing responsibilities.

Our solutions are trusted and used by armed forces, departments and ministries of defense, secret services and various other defense organizations of several nations.
NXLog provides logging functionalities for use cases like below
  • Military and defense face a unique challenge in ensuring strict enforcement of access controls that suit the level of classification. For example, leakage of data with a "top-secret" classification where unauthorized access to top-secret information would cause grave damage to national security. Even unauthorized access to data with a classification of "secret" would cause severe damage to national security. Units will therefore require a comprehensive and stable logging solution to monitor the infrastructure.
  • Proper maintenance and logging of these entities are not only dependent on implementing updated technology and monitoring systems, but they require continuous and accurate logs inputted into them. Without accurate logging, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to re-create a potential breach.
  • When weaknesses are not fully understood by security teams, hardening is less effective. As a result, the network is still susceptible to the same threat, especially when the threat is through an APT from a nation-state actor.
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