Military & Defense

Identifying threats to national security on IT infrastructure is incredibly important. A breach or an attack can lead to a ripple effect across assets associated with government resources, and can be potentially catastrophic to a nation’s security. It is especially important to audit and log events over military and defense infrastructure because the types of attacks are much more sophisticated than found in other sectors - oftentimes, attacks are backed by malicious nation states.

Our solutions are trusted and used by the armed forces, ministries of defense, secret services, and security organizations of several nations.

Military and Defense - NXLog

Use cases

  • Military and defense industries face a unique challenge in ensuring strict enforcement of access controls that suit different levels of classification. For example, unauthorized leakage of data with "top-secret" classification could cause grave damage to national security. Defense organizations therefore require a comprehensive and stable logging solution to monitor their infrastructure for potential unauthorized use.
  • Hardened devices and systems are susceptible to threats - they may even be overlooked because of the extra protection. As a result, the network is still susceptible to threats, especially so in an industry where nation-state actors are at play. Proper logging of all networked systems and devices is key to identifying these threats.

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