Achieve complete security observability with powerful insights from your log data

Collect, transform, optimize, distribute any log data with industry leading log pipeline. Store and analyze log data standalone or with your upstream SIEM.

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Leading security teams trust NXLog

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What you get with NXLog Platform

Streamlined security operations and enhanced visibility

Streamline security operations with integrated agent management in diverse IT environments and easily handle large-scale deployments, managing up to 100,000 agents across 100 different operating systems and platforms. 

Cost-efficient security operations

NXLog Platform minimizes storage needs, reduces bandwidth usage, and lowers your SIEM license expenses by up to 25%. Our transparent pricing model enables you to make informed decisions and take strategic actions that drive your success.

Support for ongoing IT/OT convergence

We are committed to helping enterprise customers achieve compliance with cybersecurity standards and regulations, safeguarding their critical infrastructure. With our ICS/SCADA applicable modules and solution packs, we offer strong protection against potential threats, ensuring the safety of vital systems. 

Exceptional data storage efficiency and performance

Achieve exceptional data storage efficiency with block-level compression on the fly with Raijin's schemaless SQL DB and reach log compression ratios of up to 7 times.  

Easy setup, ensuring smooth integration

Quickly collect vital data using pre-configured input modules. Seamlessly integrate with leading SIEM systems using preset outputs and integration guides. Enjoy a streamlined process that saves time and resources. 

Simplify your security operations

NXLog Platform Features

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Agent Management

Achieve efficient management, consistent monitoring, and multi-platform compatibility. Ensure support for over 100 operating system versions, including Windows, Linux, Unix, BSD, macOS, Solaris, and IBM AIX. Get advanced search capabilities by filtering through agent metadata like hostname, IP address, OS, agent version, deployed modules, and more. 

User Interface

Configuration Builder

Improve your efficiency by swiftly creating and managing configurations, including inputs, routes, and outputs, through a user-friendly interface. Access advanced routing capabilities that distribute data sets to suitable receivers and storages, considering data value, use cases, and service costs. 


Solution Packs

Minimize migration time and overheads with fast multi-platform “endpoint to SIEM” pre-built configurations for data integration. Easily integrate with leading SIEM systems using preset outputs and integration guides. 


Log Collection

Access high integration capabilities with over 120 extensions for native IT and OT systems integration. Ensure secure communication with encrypted data transmission modules. Efficiently manage data flow and queues for modern and legacy systems while preserving data integrity. 


Log Processing

Leverage pre-built processors to spotlight vital data by filtering, deduplicating, parsing, classifying, modifying, and enriching events. Achieve significant cost reductions with potential savings of up to 50% in data volume and up to 25% in direct SIEM license costs. 

Big data

Data Storage

Reduce your expenses with the optimized on-premises high-volume, fast, storage. Collect and store data in any format with schemaless capabilities and achieve up to a 7x compression ratio with block-level compression and decompression on the fly. 


Log Management and Analytics

Reduce log management overhead through a single place for all event sources and a high-performance architecture. Visualize the health, performance, and deployment state of your agents and gain a clear holistic visibility across diverse infrastructures. 

Pricing Plans


Experience freedom with our inclusive free plan, offering access to 40 comprehensive features. Use this plan in your projects without any cost limitations.


Discover the perfect plan designed to meet most business-critical log collection needs with 64 features


Check our premium plan for advanced log management needs and sophisticated SIEM users. Access 80 configurable features to meet your organization’s unique requirements.