Case studies

Ports Of Auckland Choose NXLog For Security Logs Collection

Commercial sea ports face the challenge of non-stop operations. And that challenge gets more complicated nowadays: to remain competitive, ports have both to maintain existing operations and adapt quickly to evolving maritime environment, including new assets, policies and regulations. Ports of Auckland is not an exception, it has an extensive IT and OT infrastructure that ought to operate flawlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and its cybersecurity is a crucial component that helps to support business continuity while timely aligning with business needs.

“NXLog Community Edition was considered for PoC phase and finally NXLog Enterprise Edition has been chosen for production deployment because of its manageability and scalability. One of the strong points of NXLog to highlight is its configuration granularity and filtration abilities that allowed us to ingest only valuable events resulting in expenditure saving on EPS volume“ - Lajos Varga, Head of Digital Technology, Ports of Auckland.