Since 2011, NXLog has provided secure and reliable log collection and centralization solutions to educational institutions, government agencies, departments, and bodies of countries including the US, the UK, and Europe.
NXLog provides logging functionalities for use cases like below
  • Government entities face strict requirements to meet compliance and regulatory obligations. Such requirements are both directly related (such as meeting basic security requirements) and indirectly related (such as meeting wider obligations that include logging) to logging.
  • IT infrastructure in education and government needs to be stable, dependable and not pander to fad technologies. Therefore, a stable solution is recommended where NXLog can be implemented with new, as well as established, technologies, and protocols.
  • With stability, comes the requirement for ease of integrability. NXLog provides a modular way of configuring various options to collect and process logs.
  • Government and education entities not wishing to be locked down to a particular vendor will find NXLog's log collection solutions an appealing option to use due to its wide support capabilities.
  • Online service providers working with government entities also face pressure to ensure that there is protective monitoring in place. These monitoring activities will influence policies for logging and log analysis, such as CESG's Good Practice Guide 13.
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