NXLog Manager

Central Management and Monitoring Tool For Your NXLog Agents

Managing and monitoring a large number of log collection agents can be tough. Multiple teams, differing roles, and a diverse and distributed infrastructure compound the problem. Remove painfully long and manual configurations with our centralized management solution, NXLog Manager. Speed up the deployment and change process, freeing your security team to continue protecting your organization.

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Remotely Manage and Monitor NXLog Enterprise Edition Instances

NXLog Manager is a web-based central management console that makes managing and monitoring your NXLog Enterprise Edition agents a breeze.

Remote management is accomplished over a secure and trusted TLS connection with mutual certificate verification. With a built-in PKI system, certificate and key management are handled effortlessly, ensuring secure communication across your network.

Remote Management - NXLog Enterprise Edition
Centralized management

Manage and monitor your NXLog agents using a central web-based management console.

Agent templates

Templates can be assigned to agents so that configuration changes can be applied in bulk. No need to configure each agent separately.

Monitor your agents

NXLog Manager provides real-time metrics and status updates on your NXLog agents, ensuring usage telemetry and errors are immediately visible to your security team.


Distributed mode

Manage all your agents from a single interface. NXLog Manager can be set up in clustered (distributed) mode where network topology or geographical separation requires this.

Scatter 2

Pattern and correlation rule editors

Create log extraction patterns and correlation rules using the web UI. Regular expressions can be tested to ensure they work as expected.

Shield 2

Built-in PKI

Our built-in certificate management system handles X509 certificates to easily configure encrypted log transfer. Communication with NXLog agents is also encrypted for maximum security.

User Interface

Configuration wizard

NXLog Manager offers a web-based configuration interface to help set up your log collection system without having to edit text files.

Build a scalable logging infrastructure

NXLog Enterprise Edition + NXLog Manager

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