Managing and monitoring a large number of log collector agents can be tough, especially if you have a lot of servers in different roles with multiple teams in charge. Sending configuration files and instructions in email to your system administrators then waiting for the changes to take effect can be a pain. NXLog Manager was designed to solve this problem so that it can remotely manage and monitor NXLog Enterprise Edition instances.

NXLog Manager is a web based application that can be used from a browser and acts as a centralized management console making it possible to manage and monitor a large number of NXLog EE instances effortlessly.  Remote management is accomplished over a secure trusted TLS connection with mutual certificate verification. It also comes with a built-in PKI system in order to make certificate and key management a breeze.

NXLog instances can be assigned to templates so that configuration changes can be applied in bulk. The health of the NXLog instances is monitored and any errors in the
log collection system are immediately visible. The configuration wizard helps setting up the log collection configuration without the need to edit text-based configuration files and also provides an editor to create log extraction patterns to make sure your regular expression will work.

NXLog Manager can be configured to work in distributed mode that allows multiple NXLog Manager hosts to be connected when network topology or geographical separation would require this.

NXLog Manager