Case studies

NXLog helps La Banque Postale to enable autonomous logs collection and meet national regulations

Finance institutions, such as banks, insurance, investment firms, operate with complex IT systems that are constantly being enhanced and updated. With the increase in digital transactions and remote access, these organizations face a heightened risk of cyber threats – and the potential for substantial financial losses.

It is crucial for them to adhere to different cybersecurity regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS, SOX, GLBA, etc.) and implement rigorous defense-in-depth strategies to safeguard their systems and data from external threats. This includes continuous log collection and ongoing threat analysis, as recommended by industry standards like ones from ISO, NIST and national regulations. By integrating security guidelines into their operations, financial institutions can better protect themselves against potential cyberattacks and preserve the trust and confidence of theircustomers.

As a critical infrastructure operator, La Banque Postale is a subject to security requirements that are imposed by various domestics & international regulations, that aims to ensure every critical system is resilient. Log collection and centralization is a key part of this compliance, enables security team to detect, prevent and remediate threats across bank’s vital systems in time.