Live Webinar for NXLog Partners: Introducing NXLog Platform
Centralized log collection from your MacOS computers to increase security
Every day new vulnerabilities are found on MacOS due to it is increasing user base and it becomes more often the target of cyber attacks. Monitoring of the logs is an important cornerstone of every infrastructure's security, but collecting logs from modern MacOS computers was challenging in the past.
Industrial Control Systems (ICS) log collection with NXLog Enterprise Edition
ICS are frequent targets for cyberattacks, and the scale of the problem has significantly grown in the past few years. Log monitoring is crucial to prevent security breaches and NXLog Enterprise Edition brings the reliability, flexibility, and ease of use in log collection known in other IT areas to the ICS world.
Migrating from NXLog Community Edition to NXLog Enterprise Edition
While the NXLog Community Edition provides much of the flexibility, the NXLog Enterprise Edition offers all the needed additional enhancements, including modules and features, as well as regular hot-fixes, updates, direct professional support from NXLog, and more.
Features and benefits in the new NXlog Enterprise Edition 5.0
IT infrastructure is demanding in terms of event logs. Multiple devices, applications, and appliances produce volumes of event logs. These must be handled in real-time, sent, or stored in a central location after filtering, classification, correlation, and other log processing tasks. In many organizations, these tasks are solved by connecting different scripts and programs having their own formats and configurations. This is unnecessary.
Better SIEM operations with central log collection
Discover SIEM challenges you may face, the best practices for better SIEM operation and how NXLog can support your SIEM operations in practice.