Features and benefits in the new NXlog Enterprise Edition 5.0

IT infrastructure is demanding in terms of event logs. Multiple devices, applications, and appliances produce volumes of event logs. These must be handled in real-time, sent, or stored in a central location after filtering, classification, correlation, and other log processing tasks. In many organizations, these tasks are solved by connecting different scripts and programs having their own formats and configurations. This is unnecessary.

NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.0 is a high-performance platform-neutral log collection solution aimed at solving these tasks with a single tool.

In this 30-minute live webinar, Jesse will describe how nxlog enterprise 5.0 can help you with i

  • passive network monitoring and capture
  • reliable compressed and encrypted transport and storage
  • output network fail-over

Jesse will also address the following features of NXLog Enterprise 5.0:

  • added network packet capture support
  • added data at rest protection
  • added failover support
  • improved feature to read and write compressed files
  • batch processing
  • added ID resolution for better readability of log events
  • event correlations on the edges
  • added IPv6 support
  • added FIFO collection for Linux and UNIX systems

Jesse Hulsey
Product Manager
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