Industrial, Manufacturing & Infrastructure

Industrial, Manufacturing and Infrastructure organizations are unique in their use of Operational Technology (OT) networks and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control system architecture.

For companies in these sectors around the globe, safety and compliance are the top priority. They are responsible for the boundary between the digital and physical world, and are often associated with critical infrastructure like power grids and industrial plants. An attack on critical infrastructure could have a great destabilising effect on an entire country or region.

Our solutions are trusted and used by various industrial, manufacturing, and infrastructure sector organizations, including oil and uranium refineries, gas pipeline operators, and several Fortune 500 manufacturing companies.

Industrial, Manufacturing & Infrastructure - NXLog

Use cases

  • Provide real-time monitoring of systems, with data logging feeding into established SIEM products.
  • Integrate with existing and time-tested technologies in accordance with industry standards, and find support for a wide range of data formats and protocols.
  • Capture OT network traffic and forward data to analysis platforms to protect against targeted ICS network attacks.

Build a scalable logging infrastructure