Industrial, Manufacturing and Infrastructure systems are unique in that certain entities will utilize supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) control system architecture.

For companies in these sectors around the globe, safety and compliance are among the top priorities due to the responsibility in protecting assets such as the nation’s power grid and associated infrastructure.  An attack on an energy/infrastructure entity could affect the entire region.

The Industrial, Manufacturing and Infrastructure sectors are exposed to numerous attacks worldwide. The main industry challenges are to protect critical IT infrastructure and to analyze mission-critical architectures. These applications and other devices cause pressure due to their non-standard natures, making secure data collection a challenge for cybersecurity.
Our solutions are trusted and used by various companies such as oil and uranium refineries, gas pipeline operators and other manufacturing companies, of which several are in the Fortune 500.
NXLog provides logging functionalities for use cases like below
  • Provide real-time monitoring of systems, with data logging feeding into established SIEM products.
  • Integrate with existing and time-tested technologies in accordance with industry standards and supports a wide range of data formats and protocols.
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