Centralized log collection from your MacOS computers to increase security

Apple macOS has an increasing market share year by year. It is a common misconception that macOS is safer to use due to its UNIX roots. Every day new vulnerabilities are found on macOS due to its increasing user base and becoming more often the target of cyber attacks. Apple is continuously developing security features for macOS, but they still have no solution for central log management. Monitoring of the logs is an important cornerstone of every infrastructure's security, but collecting logs from modern MacOS computers was challenging in the past.

NXLog EE is a flexible log aggregation solution that can be integrated with most elements of any IT infrastructure, and it is the only solution with MacOS support.

In this webinar, Gábor will talk about:

  • The importance of log aggregation
  • macOS log sources
  • Complete log aggregation solution with NXLog EE
Gábor Szidonya
Technical Pre-Sales Engineer
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