Case studies

NXLog helps Altice Portugal to improve SOC performance and security posture

Telecommunication companies operate highly sophisticated IT systems to provide customers with modern services and handle customer’s data. That makes them susceptible to various threats and a high value target for cybercriminals. Compared to other enterprises, telecoms experience a wide range of attacks, from assaulting mobile infrastructure, hacking into customer accounts, and stealing customer data to disrupting services with DDoS and ransomware attacks.

Altice Portugal (former Portugal Telecom) is the largest telco in Portugal and data is an essential asset for its business, so it needs appropriate protection. The most critical systems and infrastructure components must be under nonstop events monitoring by Altice Portugal Security Operations Center (SOC).

“At Altice Portugal, the biggest Telco operating in the country, we were limited with getting some security logs to our SOC platforms. However, with the migration to NXLog Enterprise Edition, we are able now to get all security events for analysis, in a fast, resilient and reliable way. We are very pleased with the product capabilities, its support for various log types, and NXLog customer service timely providing solutions”. - Jorge Silva, Manager of CyberSecurity Architecture & Engineering, Altice Portugal.