Need Hostname to be added in the Log file

Here is the default nxlogs looks like, but I would need the logs as below. Do you know what needs to be done?

2021-05-07 19:30:15 INFO nxlog-4.2.4216 started
2021-05-07 19:30:15 ERROR couldn't bind tcp socket to;Address already in use
2021-05-07 19:30:19 INFO successfully connected to agent manager at nxlogmgr.amgen.com:4041 in SSL mode

AskedMay 7, 2021 - 8:56pm

Ingesting XML Files from a directory

Hi All,

I'm currently trying to ingest some XML files into our SIEM platform (outputting to a local file at the moment for testing), and am having some issues reading files from a large directory.
The application we're ingesting log files from creates a folder structure and a single XML file per log entry.
Example path: "F:\PSP Logs\{4D2D2D9D-5379-4BDF-A331-0AF51BA015ED}\2021\05\06\13\File.xml"

AskedMay 6, 2021 - 5:50pm

Parsing an appplication text log in windows box,

My applications are running in windows server, one of the app log i wanted to parse to an another format, when i check nxlog has the feature.
I am new to nxlog, so thought to understand the working flow of nxlog. I didnt get any. I am getting the articles for windows event log parsing,

Can someone help me how to parse that or can share any article regarding.

Thanks in advance.


AskedMay 5, 2021 - 7:53pm

parse logfile with comma in nxlog to logstash


Am trying to send the file seperated with commas as below

In nxlog.conf --->
i wrote

<Extension log>
Module xm_multiline
HeaderLine /^<event>/
EndLine /^</\event>/

AskedMay 3, 2021 - 11:52am