input file does not exist


I'm working on monitoring a log file using nxlog. I have the File set to "C:\\Program Files\\test1.log" but it's saying that the "input file does not exist". I tried running a python script to check the file using the os module

import os

test = os.listdir('C:\\Program Files\\test1.log')

This will return an error "FileNotFoundError: The system cannot find the path specified"

AskedSeptember 24, 2018 - 6:50pm

Windows event ID not forwarded and problem with control characters

I am having an issue with forwarding event logs from a centralized server to an rsyslog and indexed in splunk.
The logs are forwarded but the Event ID (the most important part) is missing. I am also having an issue with control characters on , this however could be blamed on rsyslog, but as I understand it the issue with control characters could be solved in the nxlog config.

Anyone care to give me a nudge in the correct way here?


AskedSeptember 19, 2018 - 4:35pm

convert field containig xml to json

i am getting data from a database, one of these fields containts an xml, is it possible to convert this single field to json?

AskedSeptember 19, 2018 - 2:37pm