Credintials in pliantext (odbc,wmi)

Is it possible to use password hash in config files instead plaintext while connecting to odbc

Module              om_odbc
    ConnectionString    Driver={ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server}; Server=MSSQL-HOST; UID=test; PWD=testpass; Database=TESTDB`

or windows

Module im_msvistalog
    RemoteUser nxlog
    RemotePassword nxlogpass1234
AskedJuly 6, 2021 - 1:47pm

Fortigate Logs to CSV

Ok so im trying to export the logs from our FortiGate to a CSV file. Thats actually allready working fine.
But the problem is, lots of information is stored in the $Message. So what i want to do is to get all "variables" in the $Message in seperate fields.
Im having a really hard time with this right now. Ive never really done something with regex and nxlog.
I´d be really happy if you guys could help me out here.

AskedJune 29, 2021 - 3:48pm

mx_multiline - Seems to still only target 1 line

Good Morning,

Hoping someone can help me find out where I have gone wrong here. I'm trying to get these xml files through nxlog using multiline. I'm targeting each section between <row></row> tags each as an event but nxlog seems to still be grabbing individual lines instead (checked via log_info and what comes up in logz.io).

AskedJune 26, 2021 - 5:19pm

Nxlog gets a TCP timeout, then the next line it sends is garbage

I am using nxlog to send logs to another nxlog server set up as a concentrator. The TCP connection is going via an Amazon Load Balancer.
The nxlog sender gets tcp connection error if it hasn't sent for a while.
When it goes to send another message, it reconnects ok.
The problem is that the line it sends ends up appearing as garbage on the concentrator.

AskedJune 26, 2021 - 3:52pm

NXlog CE stops sending logs


I've been using the Community edition of NXlog, I've read there is a Bug related to the 256 windows channel error, has there been a fix or does anybody have a workaround for this. The agent on some of my machines stop work after a couple days. Any Advice would be appreciated.

AskedJune 25, 2021 - 3:30pm