NXLog - read logs from a local .csv file on Windows Server

#1 aleksta

Hi!I would like to have some help with my NXLog confiugration. I dont get any errors or so but in the SIEM I don't receive any logs at all from the source. So I'm guessing that there Is some issues reading logs from the .csv file. Or It could be something else. 

So my purpose with this Is to ship logs in a local .csv file to a SIEM. My thought was that NXLog should be a great solutions with this due to all extensions and so on. My NXLog configuration file Is based on these modules,xm_csvxm_syslogxm_jsonim_file (pointing out the local .csv file)out_ssl (for shipping logs through tls encryption)Been following along with this guide, Delimiter-Separated Values (xm_csv) | NXLog DocsHas anyone done this before? Thanks

#2 jeffron Nxlog ✓

Hi 1aleksta,

Of course. The intended use sounds like what a simple configuration would do, can you share your current configuration and a sample of the csv file you will love to send to your SIEM?