nxlog-ce invalid keyword ListenAddrer with im_ssl

#1 tbernhar@sunmaid.com

Attempting to configure an SSL Listener with nxlog-ce-3.21.2329 and getting ERROR invalid keyword: ListenAddr at /etc/nxlog/nxlog.d/dhcplogs.conf:10

Input portion of dhcplogs.conf file

<Input SSL>  Module               im_ssl  Port                 2048  ListenAddr   CAFile               %CERTDIR%/myca.pem  CertFile             %CERTDIR%/user-cert.pem  CertKeyFile          %CERTDIR%/user-key.pem  InputType            Binary</Input> 

I've initially had Port after ListenAddr but all it did was change which line the error was reported on.

Everything I've read and seen says it is supported and should work, does anyone have any ideas or pointers on why this isn't working?

This is on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Server if that makes any difference.


#2 NenadMDeactivated Nxlog ✓


This seems to be a configuration code of the im_ssl  module  from an NXLog EE conf file. Please try the Host + Port notation in NXLog CE. The documentation page: https://docs.nxlog.co/ce/current/index.html#im_ssl

Your module should look like the following:

<Input SSL>  
Module         im_ssl  
Port           2048 
CAFile         %CERTDIR%/myca.pem  
CertFile       %CERTDIR%/user-cert.pem  
CertKeyFile    %CERTDIR%/user-key.pem  
InputType      Binary