receipt of special characters in logs

#1 Adrien-10

Hi all,

I am currently using Nxlog CE v3.2.2329 in a Virtual Machine Windows 10 21H2 for sending logs to a Rsyslog server using Syslog RFC5424 version.

For this configuration, i use im_msvistalog for input and om_tcp with Exec to_syslog_ietf(); command to send them to the rsyslog server.

<Input Source_Eventlogs>
  Module im_msvistalog

<Output Dest_LogServer> Module om_tcp Host Port 514 Exec to_syslog_ietf(); </Output>

<Route send> Path Source_Eventlogs => Dest_LogServer </Route>

In the rsyslog server i receipt logs using a template who send logs to the right folder and then the right file log

$template DynamicFile,"/var/log/rsyslog/%HOSTNAME%/%syslogseverity-text%.log"
*.info -?DynamicFile

When i receive the logs, they have some replacement caracters like #015 or #011.

I tried to do the setup with this exec command at the input and at the output and it doesn't convert the logs

Exec $raw_event = replace($raw_event, "\t", " ");

Kind regards


#2 Nxlog ✓

Greetings, Adrien!
Could you provide an example log string with this substitute?

replace("\t"…) should not help as #011 and #015 seem to be not 'tab'. I'd propose to think about escape-* functions.