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Deploying and managing NXLog with Puppet

Puppet Bolt is an open-source orchestration tool that automates the manual configuration and management of your infrastructure. In this post, we will look at how you can create your Puppet Bolt project directory, your inventory YAML file, and finally, your Puppet Bolt Plan to deploy NXLog on a variety of Operating Systems. Why use Puppet Bolt to deploy NXLog? Apart from the usual tasks of updating software packages, configuring web servers and databases, the need for constant logging has become extremely important, and a de facto necessity nowadays.

deploying nxlog  |  ansible  |  scm  |  integration

Deploying and managing NXLog with Ansible

Ansible has become an industry standard when it comes to configuring and managing servers. As a configuration management tool, it carries the burden of simplifying system administration tasks, such as installing and updating software packages, and infrastructure provisioning. In this post, we will create an Ansible playbook that will enable us to automate the installation and configuration of NXLog across multiple endpoints. Whether you need only a single endpoint today or thousands of endpoints next week, Ansible will do the heavy lifting for you.