Enhance Azure Sentinel’s ingestion capabilities with NXLog; High Availability Deployment; Send Log Data to Sumo Logic and more

February 2021 Newsletter

Enhancing Azure Sentinel’s ingestion capabilities with NXLog

This advanced article on sending logs to Azure Sentinel’s explains how the Azure Monitor HTTP Data Collector API enables clients, such as the NXLog Enterprise Edition agent, to send events to a Log Analytics workspace, making them directly accessible using Azure Sentinel queries.

NXLog Enterprise Edition version 5.2 Release Announcement

Release Announcement

We are proud to announce the first minor release in the new major version of NXLog Enterprise Edition.

The release fixes a number of bugs and issues and we are expanding the capabilities of our new passive network monitoring module with additional protocol parsers focusing on Industrial Control Systems.

This release also brings the initial version of our new module im_maculs - a native collection method for Apple's Unified Logging System.

Stay In The Know: Check Out What NXLog Plans For Q1 2021

December 2020 Newsletter

Plans for Q1 2021

Before we say goodbye to 2020, check out some of our plans for Q1 2021!

  • In a few weeks time we are releasing the NXLog Enterprise Edition v5.2 which will offer you further SCADA and ICS log collection capabilities as a follow-up to v5.1
  • The NXLog Manager 6.0, to be released in February, will help large enterprises with better scalability, more APIs, and multitenancy support

Collect Logs from SCADA Systems; Log Compression and Data at Rest Protection Video Tutorial; Watch Webinar: NXLog Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition and further topics

November 2020 Newsletter

WATCH WEBINAR: NXLog Community Edition vs. NXLog Enterprise Edition

Were you able to attend our latest webinar on Why, When, and How - Migrating from NXLog Community Edition to NXLog Enterprise Edition?

If not, you can watch the replay now on our YouTube channel.