NXLog Newsletter November Edition: new releases and various User Guide enhancements

We have released November Edition of NXLog Newsletter, which contains information on new releases of NXLog products and detailed information on User Guide updates and improvements. NXLog Manager v5.1.5116 released NXLog Manager v5.1.5116 is now available as of November 14 2018. Download and upgrade instructions are available for each platform in the User Guide under the NXLog Manager Installation section. All new features and fixes of NXLog Manager are listed here. ------------------------------------------------------------ NXLog Community Edition version 2.10.2150 released with enhanced Reference Manual. Docker image now also available. NXLog Community Edition version 2.10.2150 is now available as of November 16 2018. In addition to the new Community Edition version, we have released an enhanced NXLog Community Edition Reference Manual. Also, Docker users will be excited to find out that CE is now available on Docker Hub. Please see the Docker page and User Guide for install, run, and customization notes. The NXLog CE source code is also available from a Git repository hosted on GitLab. ------------------------------------------------------------ NXLOG USER GUIDE UPDATES ------------------------------------------------------------ NXLog User Guide now available as multiple pages. We have launched our new NXLog User Guide which is now available in multiple page formats. This change was made to provide a better reader experience for our users navigating the web browser-based documentation. We hope that you enjoy this improvement and your feedback is welcome. You can go through the new User Guide here. Docker now officially a supported platform. NXLog is pleased to announce that Docker is now officially a supported platform. Docker is a containerization technology that enables the creation and use of Linux containers. These containers allow developers to package an application with all of its dependencies and distribute it as a single package. Our User Guide has the information that you need to install, configure and deploy centralized log collection in Docker. NXLog log collection suite now available on Microsoft Windows Nano Server We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Windows Nano Server is now supported as a deployment option for our log collection suite. Nano Server is a remotely administered server operating system that is optimized for private clouds and datacenters. In comparison to Windows Server, it is smaller, has no local logon capability, takes up far less disk space, sets up significantly faster, and requires far fewer updates and restarts than Windows Server. Read more on how you can implement log collection on Microsoft Windows Nano at the Deploy Nano section of the User Guide. Buffering and Flow Control Buffering is an important area to have a practical understanding of in log collection. Proper management of buffering behaviors does not have to be overly complex once armed with the right knowledge of controlling options like log queues and flow control. We have added further improvements to the NXLog User Guide on the topic of buffering and flow control. There is now a more extensive introduction covering four types of NXLog buffering (read/write, log queue, pm_buffer, and flow control), complete with examples. You can find information using Buffers page. Product Life Cycle You will now find that product life cycle information is included in the NXLog User Guide. This information will help you plan, in advance, you own environments while informed of the life cycle of certain NXLog product versions.

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