NXLog an IBM Global Solutions Partner; New Guide for IBM QRadar SIEM

We are proud to announce that NXLog Enterprise Edition is officially part of the IBM Security ecosystem and listed in the IBM Global Solutions Directory. Our products extend the core value of IBM Security solutions and support the security capabilities of our customers that use IBM products. NXLog Enterprise Edition and IBM QRadar SIEM Integration Customers can integrate the NXLog Enterprise Edition as a complementary product to feed event data, both generic structured logs and specific log types, into the IBM Security QRadar SIEM. Leverage data and insights with the SIEM while making use of NXLog Enterprise Edition features: * Process and send logs using the specific format that is expected by the QRadar DSM. * Forward a number of specific log sources and types such as DHCP server logs, DNS logs, Microsoft (IIS, SQL, Exchange) logs and more. * Leverage the insights gained from being able to collect and process log types from EventLog right thorough to LEEF-formatted logs. Please see the IBM QRadar SIEM User Guide for setting up the integration with QRadar. NXLog Enterprise Edition and IBM AIX Platform Support The NXLog Enterprise Edition supports IBM AIX natively as well as a number of other operating systems. It can collect audit logs, file based logs, process accounting logs and local Syslog and also supports file integrity monitoring when installed locally on IBM AIX systems. Please refer to the User Guide for deploying NXLog on IBM AIX platform. --------- NXLog is associated with the following services with IBM: * IBM Security Event and Log Management Services * IBM Security Governance, Risk and Compliance Services Consulting * Infrastructure Solutions: Enterprise Security Software NXLog is associated with the following IBM suite: IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform

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