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Looking beyond Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month has come and gone again. October marks that festive time of year when companies circulate their mandatory think pieces, remind their employees of the dangers of clicking questionable links, and pat themselves on the back and call it a day. Here’s your friendly November reminder to keep your wits about you year-round. A (brief) history of Cybersecurity Awareness Month The Cybersecurity Awareness Month story began as a partnership between an American governmental agency—​the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA)--and the National Cyber Security Alliance non-profit.

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GDPR compliance and log data

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018. Many of us remember the influx of marketing emails around this time, with companies updating their privacy policies and asking for the consent of around 450 million Europeans to continue using their personal data. An often misunderstood participant of this compliance quest is log data—​a source potentially rich in protected personal data. So, how does the GDPR apply to an organization’s log data?

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The disappearing Windows DNS debug log

The Windows DNS debug log contains valuable information on DNS queries and activity that is especially useful for monitoring and analyzing malicious traffic. This requires some configuration changes for the DNS service in order to enable debug logging. Here is a short description on how to enable debug logging for the DNS service on windows, this also applies to Windows Server 2008 and later. It is possible to specify the file and path name of the DNS debug log file as well as the maximum size of the file.

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NXLog in an industrial control security context

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have evolved over the years and now have a lot in common with traditional IT systems. Low-cost Ethernet and IP devices are replacing older, proprietary technology, which opens up new possibilities to improve connectivity and remote access. However, it also increases vulnerability to cyberattacks and incidents since the system is no longer segregated. Due to the nature of ICS, they differ from other IT systems. A compromised system can cause severe damage to the environment, incur substantial financial and production losses, and negatively impact an entire nation.

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Raijin vs Elasticsearch

Log collection is most closely linked to enterprise security practices—​for example, aggregation and analysis in a SIEM. However, collecting certain logs for reasons other than security is often valuable. It may even be a requirement of your organization for the purposes of auditing, legal compliance, or data retention. Storing all these logs in a database is the most efficient way to manage the data. Finding and managing logs stored as flat files or structured data can be challenging without a database.

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Send email alerts from NXLog using Python, Perl, or Ruby

NXLog is a versatile log collector that easily integrates with other software, platforms, and programming languages. Out-of-the-box it supports integration with many third-party solutions through its input, output, and extension modules. Moreover, extending NXLog with custom functionality is as easy as writing an application or script in your favorite programming language and loading it from the configuration. Email notifications of events indicating potential security breaches or severe application errors are a standard procedure for IT admins and DevOps engineers.


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