Apr 2022

LIVE WEBINAR: Collect logs from your macOS computers centrally to increase security

Apple macOS has an increasing market share year by year. It is a common misconception that macOS is safer to use due to its UNIX roots. Every day new vulnerabilities are found on macOS due to its increasing user base and it becomes more often the target of cyber attacks. Apple is continuously developing security features for macOS, but they still have no solution for central log management. Monitoring of the logs is an important cornerstone of every infrastructure's security, but collecting logs from modern MacOS computers was challenging in the past.

NXLog EE is a flexible log aggregation solution which can be integrated with most elements of any IT infrastructure, and it is the only solution with MacOS support. Learn more about:

- The importance of log aggregation

- macOS log sources

- Complete log aggregation solution with NXLog EE

After the presentation we are open to discuss any of your questions


Kubernetes Cluster Log Collection

Application administrators may face various challenges when dealing with Kubernetes logging, one of them being that its flexibility and failure-recovery feature make data inside the cluster highly volatile. The latest entry in our video tutorial series demonstrates how to collect Kubernetes Cluster Logs using NXLog Enteprise Edition to tackle such challenges.

Watch the video here.

Sending Schneider Citect SCADA logs to McAfee ESM

Collecting logs from Schneider Citect SCADA and sending them to McAfee ESM could be a complex procedure because of the unique combination of the log source and the desired destination. In this post, we will look at how you can forward log data from Schneider Citect SCADA to McAfee ESM by incorporating the NXLog log collection tool.

Read the blog post here.

NXLog vs IBM QRadar WinCollect - Let's get things straight

IBM QRadar SIEM collects, processes, and aggregates log data to provide real-time monitoring and automated response to network threats. With its powerful correlation engine and specialized modules for risk and vulnerability management, it is no surprise that it is among the highest-rated tools on Gartner Peer Insights.

To get the best out of a platform like IBM QRadar, you need to ensure that you send the proper amount of data in a format that it can process efficiently. There are different methods of forwarding logs to IBM QRadar, including IBM’s WinCollect event forwarder for Windows operating systems. For other operating systems and devices, you must use separate tools. NXLog Enterprise Edition is an all-encompassing log collection solution that can collect logs from different sources and forward them to IBM QRadar in the format it requires. This post will highlight the benefits of using NXLog and why it can easily replace WinCollect.

Read the post here.

macOS USM Logging Basics with NXLog

Explore how you can use the included macULS module to capture events directly from the macOS Unified Logging System. 

Watch the video here.

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