Support for multi-line messages

Version 1.4.729 has been released.
Nxlog could already handle multi-line messages using module variables. This release adds a new extension module (xm_multiline) which makes it easier to process log messages spanning more than one line. It can handle java exception traces, DICOM logs and other multi-line log messages with a lot simpler configuration.

More log rotation

nxlog v1.4.712 has been released.
The most notable addition in this release is a new extension module xm_fileop which adds support for file operations. This allows more sophisticated log rotation which can be used also for nxlog's own logs.
See the full ChangeLog in the sources for the list of all enhancements and fixes included in this release.

Version 1.4.686 is available

This release adds various stabilization fixes, some new module functions (including hostname() and file_name()) in im_file, and a working strptime() on Windows.

Graylog2 GELF support added

I've added GELF output support to nxlog in version 1.4.624.
Now with this enhancement it is possible to collect logs from several platforms and sources and to forward it to graylog2 in GELF format so that the structured data is preserved and is available for search and analytics. The most notable source is probably Windows EventLog (from XP to W7) as you were requesting this, but I should note that there is a lot more that you can do with it.

Support both XML and JSON - Open Source Logging

XML and JSON is now supported as of version 1.4.615. nxlog can parse and generate both of these formats with the addition of two new extension modules: xm_json and xm_xml.
nxlog is the first open source logging tool to support both of these formats for parsing and generation. This paves the way for structured logging over standard formats. Now it is possible to convert logs between even more formats with the addition of these two.