Windows Event Log collection in a nutshell

Unquestionably, Microsoft Windows is the number one desktop operating system in the world, as well as having a significant share of the server operating system market. Multi-million-dollar organizations rely heavily on Windows Server and Active Directory to provide a safe, secure networked environment for their business operations. Such an enterprise infrastructure alone can generate thousands of events per second that range anywhere from benign user authentication events to logs indicating a severe software failure, or

Reduce log size and cut costs with NXLog

Data logging, and by extension, logging events have become essential to enterprise-level IT operations in order to provide security and performance monitoring of business operations. However, with the large volume of logs being collected, there is cause for concern that companies are not only collecting too many logs, but also that they are neglecting to collect the very logs that would be most useful for monitoring security-related

Flexible, cloud-backed Modbus/TCP log collection with NXLog and Python

Modbus is a simple and flexible protocol used by a wide variety of industrial and automation equipment. Its simplicity has made it attractive for many manufacturers, but it also poses a number of challenges in terms of security and traffic analysis. In this post, we’ll show you how to use NXLog to capture, process, and extract useful security information from Modbus traffic.