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Announcing NXLog Enterprise Edition 6.2

We proudly announce the latest release of NXLog Enterprise Edition, version 6.2. This release adds some new features and includes bug fixes and stability enhancements. File and folder symlink support In this release, the primary focus was on adding uniform support for file and folder symlinks. The new development affects the im_file and im_fim modules when collecting logs from files, and when using File Integrity Monitoring. The new feature is available to use with the newly introduced directive FollowSymlink.

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Three easy ways to optimize your Windows logs - Reduce cost, network load, and time

If you are capturing Windows Event Logs on a large scale, you know that the more logs you collect, the more resources you need. Thus, the more expensive your SIEM becomes. The main issue is a large amount of the log data you are sending to your SIEM contains no valuable information. This means you waste a sizable portion of your cost on what the industry calls “log noise”.

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Announcing NXLog Manager 5.7

We are pleased to announce the latest release of NXLog Manager, version 5.7. This release addresses several CVE issues, adds support for NXLog’s Microsoft Azure modules, and provides an updated Docker image. Read on to find out more about these new features. A more secure NXLog Manager This version addresses multiple known Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), reducing the attack surface in our customers' systems. See the release notes for a complete list of corrected CVEs.

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Announcing NXLog Enterprise Edition 6.1

We proudly announce the latest release of NXLog Enterprise Edition, version 6.1. This release adds new features to our Google Chronicle and Kafka output modules to provide more flexible configuration, introduces support for certificates with TPM-attested keys, and implements enhancements to our HTTP input module. Read on to find out more about these new features. More flexibility for your Google Chronicle integration We continue to build up our Google Chronicle output module with new functionality to give you more flexibility and control over your data.

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Log management for maritime cybersecurity compliance regulations

Historically, seaports have played a crucial role in a state’s development, and interruption in their services has a significant impact on economics. So, it’s no surprise commercial ports are regarded as a critical transport infrastructure. One of the most significant challenges ports face today is ongoing digital transformation. The majority of tasks carried out across a port utilize autonomous and partially automated systems, including those for managing port access, vessel berthing (bridges, locks, gates, etc.

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Raijin announces release of version 1.3

Raijin has announced the release of version 1.3 of its powerful, schemaless SQL-like database engine. This version implements user authentication and permissions and focuses on enhancing performance and robustness. New user authentication and permissions This release introduces certificate and password-based user authentication and granular user permissions. You can grant permissions at the database or table level with support for the following privileges: ALL PRIVILEGE (superuser) CREATE SELECT INSERT DROP


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