Several stabilization fixes are available in 2.6.1131

The detailed changes are as follows:
Service control manager could not properly shut down the service on windows2003 and possibly other windows versions. This could have resulted in unsaved positions and duplicated log collection on system restart.
Fixed a panic in nx_config_cache_write() during shutdown.
Fixed an assertion failure when pm_pattern was trying to set an invalid datetime field.
The installer adds 'eventlog' as a dependency for the nxlog service.
Some error conditions (e.g. The interface is unknown, Access is denied, Invalid parameter, etc) should be handled better now by im_mseventlog.

Parsing key-value Pairs in Log Messages

Version 2.5.1089 has been released. There is a new extension module xm_kvp which makes it a lot easier to parse key-value pairs in log messages produced by many log sources.
This release includes several other enhancements and bug fixes, please consult the changelog for the details.

Now works on AIX

Version 2.4.1054 has been released. This version now compiles and works on IBM AIX and should be fine on Solaris as well. This release contains numerous stabilization and bug fixes, consult the ChangeLog file for the detailed list of changes.

Advanced log correlation

Version 2.3.1027 has been released today. This version brings a new processor module named pm_evcorr which provides event log correlation functionality in addition to the already available nxlog language features (variables and statistical counters). This module was greatly inspired by the Perl based simple event correlation tool.
In addition to the above the following fixes and enhancements are available in this release: