NXLog Enterprise Edition v4.1

The NXLog Enterprise Edition v4.0 was released earlier this year. If you have missed it, read the release announcement here. We have been busy this summer, and are happy to bring you NXLog Enterprise Edition v4.1 today. This new version comes with more than 80 issues fixed since v4.0. Below is the excerpt from the changelog: * Fixed an exporter table related memory consumption issue in xm_netflow and made some performance improvements.

Centralized log collection with NXLog

What are logs for?

People outside the security industry probably would answer this question: "To fill up disk space". Partly true, logging can be a point of failure in the system if the log files are not properly rotated and managed. On the security side, logs are a crucial part of our world's IT systems. For example, how would we know who accessed our e-mail account and when? This would be impossible to answer without logging data about these events.

NXLog Community Edition update and other goodies

The NXLog Community Edition was first published in 2011 and it started picking up momentum during the years becoming the preferred log collection tool for thousands of users and companies across the globe. We are happy to announce that a new version of the NXLog Community Edition has been published recently. A lot of users have already noticed that nxlog-ce_2.10.2102 is available for download. Hopefully this news entry should make that more apparent now :).

Shiny new User Guide

The main source of information for users looking to configure NXLog was the NXLog [EE/CE] Reference Manual until recently. The Reference Manual is mostly what it is called: a reference manual. While it does cover what the software is capable of, unfortunately it is hard to use when you are tasked with setting up NXLog for a particular use case. Doing a google search for specific topics like "parsing IIS logs with NXLog"