NXLog Manager version 5.5 Release Announcement

Release announcement

After a period of quiet contemplation we are proud to announce version 5.5 of NXLog Manager.

The team added a few minor features, but the highlight of the release is the improved stability and scalability in distributed operation .

In addition

  • we made the move to systemd
  • enabled HTTPS access to the UI by default
  • and implemented a certificate management REST API

See the changelog below.



Log Collection Glossary 2020

As you dig deeper into the topic of log collection and SIEM, you might come across some IT terminology or acronyms you haven’t encountered before. In this article, we are going to enumerate and explain the most commonly used IT expressions in the fields of IT security and log collection, in order to make your research easier.

How a centralized log collection tool can help your SIEM solutions

IT security should be one of the main focus points of all enterprises. In today’s world, when digital transformation is taking place at an unprecedented pace, securing online data is vital for all kinds of businesses. This is why most companies are utilizing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions that help them identify threats before they can do any harm.

Service Continuity Declaration during the applied measures against COVID-19

At NXLog we aim to provide quality service and support to our customers despite the restrictions associated with COVID-19. The company has established a business continuity plan, which ensures the continuity of services for our clients during this global pandemic. The business continuity plan consists of two main parts as outlined below:

Customer Service, Sales and Product Support: