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Forwarding logs with NXLog

So, you managed to read through all the compliance mandates that are required for the industry you are in. And, during the mandatory consultation you had with your company’s IT security expert and network manager you came to an agreement on which logs to collect and carefully selected their final destination. Which — in most cases — is usually some kind of analytics system or SIEM technology where log data can be analyzed and stored based on your business requirements.

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Sending logs to Microsoft Sentinel with NXLog

What if you could selectively ingest only the high-quality events needed for metrics and reporting that come not only from Azure, but also from other cloud- based resources and on-site assets directly into Microsoft Sentinel? In this post, the technology we will be examining is the Azure Monitor HTTP Data Collector API, which enables clients, such as the NXLog Enterprise Edition agent, to send events to a Log Analytics workspace, making them directly accessible using Microsoft Sentinel queries.

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Sending ETW Logs to Splunk with NXLog

NXLog supports direct collection of Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) data. DNS Analytical logs, for example, can be forwarded to Splunk or another SIEM for monitoring and analysis. Collecting ETW Logs Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) is a kernel-level tracing facility that provides high-performance logging of kernel and application events. ETW events can be written to a log file or collected directly from the system in realtime via the Consumers API.