Jan 2021

January 2021 Newsletter

NXLog Enterprise Edition v5.2 is out

We are glad to start the year by announcing the first minor release in the new major version of NXLog Enterprise Edition.

With NXLog Enterprise Edition v5.2 we are further expanding the capabilities of our new passive network monitoring module with additional protocol parsers focusing on Industrial Control Sytems (ICS), thus opening new doors for NXLog Enterprise Edition's monitoring features in industrial environments.

It also brings you the initial version of our new macOS Unified Logging module im_maculs (a native collection method for Apple's Unified Logging System).

If you have any feedback or would like to see additional improvements in this area, reach out to us.

Download a fully functional trial version of NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.2 for free to see how it could help your organization.

Windows Logging - Industry-leading features by NXLog

Microsoft Windows is an important platform for most organizations so they need a log collection solution capable of interacting with native Windows logging subsystems and their APIs. With NXLog Enterprise Edition it is possible to collect any type of logs generated by the Windows operating systems, either natively via ETW, directly from Windows Event Log, from local log files, or remotely from Windows systems that forward events over the network.

Since NXLog offers industry-leading log collection features for Windows, we decided to create a summary for you covering the most essential log sources on the platform. The guide includes:

  • The most notable features and benefits
  • NXLog's support for and integration with Microsoft Windows
  • How to improve your SCADA and ICS network security
  • Outstanding support for writing log data in multiple formats
  • Integration with third-party products
  • Help to meet compliance mandates

Learn more here.

Send Log Data to Solarwinds Loggly

Our detailed article walks you through how to securely send your log data to Solarwinds Loggly with NXLog and describes how to obtain Loggly Customer Token. It also shows you the way to configure NXLog to collect and parse logs so that they can be forwarded to Loggly in Syslog format over TCP, or via the Loggly API using HTTP(S) being Syslog the most common way to send data to Loggly.

In addition, the reception of log data can be verified using the Loggly web interface.

Read the complete article here.

WATCH NOW: Video Tutorials part 2 - Log Compression and Data at Rest Protection

Don't miss the second installment in our video tutorials series meant to give you a hands-on experience with the new features of NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.0. In this video, we are demonstrating file-based log compression and data at rest protection with NXLog Enterprise Edition.

Often when processing logs in an organization there may be a need to keep large amounts of logging data for extended periods of time on-premises. This may lead some administrators to send only select logs to their 3rd party SIEM while still needing to store all event logs elsewhere for archival, legal compliance, or other business needs for processing or review in the future. NXLog Enterprise Edition includes extension modules for both compression, and encryption to aid in both decreasing log storage burdens, and ensure that stored data is stored more safely, commonly known as data at rest protection.

Watch now the video about Stored Log Compression and Data at Rest Protection.

Why should Law Firms, In-House Legal Counsel, and even Chief Legal Officers (CLOs) working with CISOs care about log collection?

Lawyers and law firms have legal obligations after an electronic data breach or cyber-attack where logs hold a crucial role in providing an electronic trail of evidence. 

Log collection and audit trails hold important metadata (a form of electronic evidence), that must be produced either as part of a compliance or audit request or as part of a legal dispute. NXLog provides solutions for the collection of logs emitted by such data sources - from the operating system right through to the application layer. 

Find out more here.

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