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NXLog Community Edition support for Raijin Database

Last month saw the release of NXLog Community Edition version 3.0. One of the major new features in this release is the added support for sending log data to Raijin Database. This feature opens up exciting possibilities for implementing a custom centralized log collection and storage solution. What is Raijin Database? Raijin Database is a free-of-charge schemaless database engine explicitly designed to store data for analytics efficiently. The fact that it does not require you to define a schema up-front makes it well suited for storing event logs from diverse sources containing different types of information in a structured format.

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Using Raijin Database Engine to aggregate and analyze Windows security events

In this post, we will look at how to use Raijin Database Engine as a backend in a centralized logging environment for collecting and aggregating Windows security events. We will also show you how to integrate Raijin with an open source data exploration tool. Finally, you will see how you can track suspicious network activity and identify specific types of intrusion on Windows hosts using these tools. A low-cost, lean and mean data discovery solution Although the combination of tools we present here cannot compete with a full-fledged SIEM solution, they do offer quite a few advantages for security analysts who need a responsive, highly customizable data discovery solution that accepts ad hoc SQL.