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NXLog provides native support for Google Chronicle

We are delighted to announce that with the release of NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.5, NXLog provides native support for sending log data to the Google Chronicle threat intelligence platform. About Google Chronicle Google Chronicle is a cloud-native SIEM service provided on the Google Cloud Platform. It allows organizations to normalize, correlate, and analyze their logging data. Chronicle makes threat hunting easy by empowering security experts to investigate logs allowing them to take a holistic approach to threat detection.

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NXLog Community Edition support for Raijin Database

Last month saw the release of NXLog Community Edition version 3.0. One of the major new features in this release is the added support for sending log data to Raijin Database. This feature opens up exciting possibilities for implementing a custom centralized log collection and storage solution. What is Raijin Database? Raijin Database is a free-of-charge schemaless database engine explicitly designed to store data for analytics efficiently. The fact that it does not require you to define a schema up-front makes it well suited for storing event logs from diverse sources containing different types of information in a structured format.

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Three important features you can have with the Enterprise Edition over the Community Edition

Features of NXLog Enterprise Edition you must have So, it turns out that your organization needs a reliable solution that can collect, parse, forward, and aggregate your log data. This need might be based on any number of reasons. Perhaps it is due to regulatory compliance mandates. Maybe your security analysts have realized that collecting security logs is the best way to detect potential cyber attacks. These are all valid reasons.