Three important features you can have with the Enterprise Edition over the Community Edition

Features of NXLog Enterprise Edition you must have

So, it turns out that your organization needs a reliable solution that can collect, parse, forward, and aggregate your log data. This need might be based on any number of reasons. Perhaps it is due to regulatory compliance mandates. Maybe your security analysts have realized that collecting security logs is the best way to detect potential cyber attacks. These are all valid reasons. But you are probably wondering how you will ever find the right logging solution that meets all of your requirements from a sea of competing products. Well, one way of approaching this challenge is to focus on software that is modular in design. Why? Because this design principle means you use only what you need, when you need it. In other words, you benefit from a lightweight solution with a small footprint, capable of incorporating new modules that can be developed and released more frequently than major features can be developed and integrated into applications having a monolithic design.


NXLog is available as two editions: The NXLog Community Edition and the NXLog Enterprise Edition that make log forwarding and log aggregation effortless.

The NXLog Community Edition provides a treasure trove of features. These include small memory footprint, high performance, and multi-platform deployment on systems like Linux, Windows, and Android. It even supports security protocols like TLS/SSL for authenticating allowed connections and providing a secure log message transport for sensitive data.

Without a doubt, NXLog Community Edition’s myriad of impressive features can benefit any organization. However, your particular industry might need some additional features or modules that are only available with the NXLog Enterprise Edition. Let’s look at some of those key differences:

Centralized management

With the NXLog Enterprise Edition you have the advantage of connecting your agents to NXLog Manager, a web-based application that can manage and monitor thousands of NXLog agents. It can update agents' configuration files across your entire enterprise centrally, so that any changes you make are instantaneous. This is due to NXLog Manager’s powerful ability to deploy changes to managed agents automatically.

Technical support

Deploying new software components throughout an entire organization can be a challenge. In fact, technical assistance may be needed to set up NXLog Manager in larger environments for it to be optimized. This can include creating templates for configuring agents, or creating and managing certificates. With NXLog Enterprise Edition you can get dedicated technical support. With quick response times and years of experience in the data logging industry, why not leave it to the professionals at NXLog so that your team can focus their entire resources on what they do best.

Programming languages

Are you looking for a data logging solution that can integrate with your custom log processing scripts? Say no more. NXLog Enterprise Edition provides a wealth of modules that support Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, and Go. This means your team can continue to develop scripts using the language they’re most comfortable with, knowing that their custom parsers will seamlessly integrate with NXLog.

If your organization is looking for a mature, comprehensive solution that integrates with so many third-party systems and continues to be successfully deployed in so many specialized industries, you can be sure that NXLog Enterprise Edition will satisfy your most stringent requirements regarding log data collection, processing, forwarding, and storage.


NXLog Ltd. develops multi-platform log collection tools that support many different log sources, formats, transports, and integrations. The tools help administrators collect, parse, and forward logs so they can more easily respond to security issues, investigate operational problems, and analyze event data. NXLog distributes the free and open source NXLog Community Edition and offers additional features and support with the NXLog Enterprise Edition.

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