NXLog Enterprise Edition vs. NXLog Community Edition


New to NXLog? Compare the features of our two log collection solutions. NXLog Enterprise Edition is a complete, enterprise-grade log collection solution with exclusive features, extensive integrations, and available technical support. NXLog Community Edition is a free, open-source product built from our flagship Enterprise Edition.

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NXLog Community Edition
NXLog Enterprise Edition
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Simple configuration, small footprint
Collect data from common log sources
Send data to most popular solutions
Windows log collection capabilities
Meet compliance mandates
File integrity monitoring
Native macOS capabilities
SCADA/ICS support

Graylog Extended Log Format (xm_gelf)
CSV (xm_csv)
JSON (xm_json)
Key-Value Pairs (xm_kvp)
Multiline Log Messages (xm_multiline)
Binary WTMP Files (xm_wtmp)
Syslog (xm_syslog)
Parsing with Grok Patterns (xm_grok)
XML (xm_xml)
AIX Audit Format (xm_aixaudit)
Apple System Log (xm_asl)
Solaris OS Basic Security Module (BSM) Auditing API (im_bsm, xm_bsm)
ArcSight Common Event Format (xm_cef)
Log Event Extended Format (xm_leef)
DNS Server Logs (xm_msdns)
NetFlow Payload (xm_netflow)
Radius NPS (xm_nps)
SNMP Trap Messages (xm_snmp)
W3C Extended Log File Format (xm_w3c)
Parsing with the Pattern Database (xm_pattern)

Converting via Character Sets (xm_charconv)
File Operations (xm_fileop)
Blacklisting and Whitelisting of Log Entries (xm_filelist)
Manipulating Fields (xm_rewrite)
Encryption and Decryption of Logs (xm_crypto)
Compression and Decompression of Logs (xm_zlib)
Resolving IP addresses to Hostnames (xm_resolver)

Execution of External Scripts (im_exec, om_exec, xm_exec)
Secure Remote Administration (xm_admin)
Changes in Files and Directories (im_fim)
Passive Monitoring of Network Traffic (im_pcap)
Windows Registry Monitoring (im_regmon)

Database Logs via the libdbi library (im_dbi, om_dbi)
Logs From the Kernel Log Buffer (im_kernel)
Forwarding Logs to Raijin Server (om_raijin)
Internal NXLog Logs (im_internal)
Windows Event Log (im_mseventlog, im_msvistalog)
Systemd Journal Logs (im_systemd)
Accounting Logs From a Linux or BSD Kernel (im_acct)
AIX Audit (im_aixaudit)
Elasticsearch Server (om_elasticsearch)
Microsoft Azure Application Logs (im_azure)
Check Point Device Logs (im_checkpoint)
Kernel Application Logs Using Event Tracing for Windows (im_etw)
Kafka Server Logs (im_kafka, om_kafka)
Windows Event Collector (im_wseventing)
Kernel Logs via Audit Rules (im_linuxaudit)
Writing Logs to MySQL (om_eventdb)
Database Table Logs via ODBC (im_odbc, om_odbc)
Redis Server Log Tranfers (im_redis, om_redis)
Windows Performance Counters (im_winperfcount)

Files (im_file, om_file)
Named Pipes (im_pipe, om_pipe)
TLS/SSL (im_ssl, om_ssl)
TCP (im_tcp, om_tcp)
UDP (im_udp, om_udp)
Unix Domain Sockets (im_uds, om_uds)
NXLog agent relay (im_batchcompress, om_batchcompress)
WebHDFS (om_webhdfs)
HTTP (im_http, om_http)
UDP With Address Spoofing (om_udpspoof)
ZeroMQ (im_zmq, om_zmq)

NXLog Manager (Manage and monitor NXLog agents)
Minder (Hyper-scalable, API-first agent management)
Raijin Database Engine (The schemaless SQL database engine for storing events)

NXLog Azure & Office 365
NXLog Exchange
NXLog Salesforce
NXLog Box
NXLog Okta
NXLog Amazon S3
NXLog Google Logging API

NXLog Support (Levels 0, 1, 2, 3, 4)
Professional Services (planning, implementation, testing, training)

Build a scalable logging infrastructure

NXLog Ltd. develops multi-platform log collection tools that support many different log sources, formats, transports, and integrations. The tools help administrators collect, parse, and forward logs so they can more easily respond to security issues, investigate operational problems, and analyze event data.