file_cycle writing to ".1" file


I'm trying to use file_cycle to clean up old NXLog files.  When I start NXLog I see my log file "Demo.log" created and being written to.  When my schedule executes I see the log file getting renamed to "Demo.log.1" but no new Demo.log file is created and NXLog still continues to write to the "Demo.log.1" file.

I'm not sure if I have something set incorrectly or if there is a bug.  Here's the necessary bits from nxlog.conf:

AskedApril 23, 2015 - 2:41pm

Failover in dbi module

Hi there!

I was wondering if NXlog community edition has a failover in dbi module. I couldn't find reconnect in im_dbi. So if SQL read fail, then module will be stopped? Is there some plan for do it in future versions?

AskedApril 20, 2015 - 11:50am

Can't solve this problem of: oversized string, limit is 1048576 bytes

This is a lengthy description but pelase bear with me, I'm really starting to loose hope here...

So I have tried to catch this "oversized string" and avoid it braking my logging but am not able to, even writing debug log failed.

Here is the nxlog.log where you can see that it broke at 5:30, then source log changed and then it broke again and after that it wrote no more to debug nor to syslog anything:

AskedApril 17, 2015 - 10:10am

Appending GUID to logs

I am trying to append a pre-defined GUID to some application log files. The log files are written in JSON and I would like to append these logs with a GUID. 

I have defined the GUID in my config file with the variable CUSTOMER_TOKEN.

AskedApril 17, 2015 - 8:44am