NXLOG - csv field need to parse on date format - how to convert 10Nov2016 to YYYY-MM-DD


I'm catching up logs, but when they arrived to my Graylog, they take the actual date and not the old date. 

I saw my logs and they don't have format date. They're csv, and I have this field :


and I need to assign it on the timestamp, but I don't kno how.

Could you help me please to convert this on a good format?

I tried this (I have a field called: FW_date_time on my source csv file):

AskedNovember 24, 2016 - 5:22pm

NXLOG - UDP packets error and received unknown port. What is this?



I have NXLOG installed, and use UDP to receive and sent the servers logs. However, when I run the netstat command I found that there are packets on error and other received through unknown ports. See the lines shown :



 123234944 packets received

223432 packets to unknown port received.

523455 packet receive errors

AskedNovember 22, 2016 - 2:15pm

problems with nxlog-ce and load balancing


I am using nxlog-ce clients in windows machines, with om_ssl.  NXlog seems to keep the connection open, but does not send anything, except for the bursts for every Poll Interval.  The load balancer seems confused, and tries to send every second burst to a different server.  Is there any option to tell nxlog-ce that it should make a new connection for each burst, so that the load balancer can easily balance the load for different clients to different log servers?

AskedNovember 20, 2016 - 1:07pm