NXLog Minder

The most scalable, automation friendly and fastest tool to manage and monitor your NXLog agents

NXLog Minder is a hyper-scalable, API-first agent management solution to manage all your NXLog Enterprise Edition instances. It will make it easier and faster to deploy configurations across any infrastructure with simple APIs. NXLog Minder is available as a server, a command-line management tool, and as a set of well-documented public APIs to automate your deployments.

Remotely Manage and Monitor NXLog Enterprise Edition Instances

When implementing a log collection strategy, managing and monitoring a large number of log collection agents scattered across the entire network can be challenging, especially if you have many servers filling different roles managed by multiple teams, each in charge of its own system.

NXLog Minder makes it easier to manage thousands of agents from a central interface.

NXLog Agent Minder
Horizontal scalability

NXLog Minder aims to support and scale up to 250,000 agents on four plus one nodes in a distributed deployment. It can address the requirements of large organizations with complex security architectures. It also works with divisions that span wide geographic regions, in which separate IT teams need to manage the agents locally, or those that need universal visibility across all locations for regulatory compliance.

Roll your own automation

As an API-first solution, NXLog Minder provides a set of well-documented public APIs for building your own agent management automation. The tool’s adaptability enables users to automate their agents at their convenience.

Simple configuration

NXLog Minder runs efficiently in cloud or local environments, needing just a simple configuration file to set up the agents. Its fault-tolerant architecture is simple to deploy and configure. NXLog Minder is a server application that communicates with agents via its agent management interface and provides a public API over its API port. It ships with a sample command-line tool that leverages the API port for communication.

Seamless Observability Integrations

You can view the state of all your NXLog Agents with NXLog Minder in a centralized fashion to get a better context of your agents’ population performance in any environment. NXLog Minder integrates with solutions like Prometheus and Grafana that can easily be set up to collect metrics for data visualization and alerting.

Build a scalable logging infrastructure

NXLog Enterprise Edition + NXLog Minder


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