Enterprise systems generate an overwhelming amount of logs. Depending on the industry in which they operate, companies have different specific security requirements and legal obligations. However, the general requirement is common to all sectors and organizations - ensure the security of your data. And this enterprise log data is key to understanding and securing the IT environment.

We at NXLog understand the needs of your company. We have worked with customers from all of these varied industries to protect their data. Find out more about your industry, try out our free trial, and get in touch with us to help you on your log collection journey.

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Financial Services

With trillions of dollars being sent and received over the internet every year, the financial services industry is a prime target for financially motivated malicious actors.

City Hall
Government & Education

Governmental organizations hold and process the personal data of millions of their citizens. Securing this vast amount of data is paramount to a modern and functioning government structure.

Entertainment & Gambling

The entertainment and gambling sectors must balance customer satisfaction, safety, and information security. These are diverse fields of information security risk in this sector.


With the responsibility to manage complex networks spanning a wide variety of devices and applications, telecommunication companies generate huge volumes of log messages every day.

Medical & Healthcare

The information used in the medical and healthcare industries is a unique and highly confidential type of data. This data may be used to diagnose patients, conduct research studies, and play a role in potential cures for medical issues.

Military & Defense

Identifying threats to national security on IT infrastructure is incredibly important. A breach or an attack can lead to a ripple effect across assets associated with government resources, and can be potentially catastrophic to a nation’s security.

Law Firms & Legal Counsel

Lawyers and law firms have legal obligations after an electronic data breach or cyber-attack occurs according to the Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility of the American Bar Association.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial, Manufacturing and Infrastructure organizations are unique in their use of Operational Technology (OT) networks and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control system architecture.

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