NXLog Solution Packs

Our vision for Solution Packs is to offer prebuilt, plug-and-play configurations for your NXLog Enterprise Edition agent, and ready-to-use dashboards for your SIEM. After a short set-up, you’ll have a preconfigured agent running on your system, collecting logs, and automatically forwarding them to your SIEM of choice. On the SIEM side, the powerful custom dashboards will help you to visualize the logs that are being collected and allow you to drill down into these logs to investigate potential security incidents. Sign up using the form below if you want to be notified when a new Solution Pack is available. You can select multiple log sources and destinations.

Features and benefits

  • Native support, quick and easy integration with leading Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM) systems.
  • Presets, scripts and filters to migrate or enable security monitoring in minutes.
  • Save up to 200 man-hours with Solution Packs and a centralized agent management tool.
  • Gain full visibility of Apple Silicone and Intel-based macOS Catalina, BigSur, and Monterey logs. Collect file integrity, system, and security logs, and forward them to leading SIEM systems.
  • Benefit from NXLog's integration team's expertise and eliminate configuration errors.

Pre-configured data input

SIEM configuration guide

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