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NXLog Azure & Office 365

This add-on can retrieve information about various user, admin, system, and policy actions and events from Microsoft Azure and Office 365. Once configured, the add-on sends syslog messages, each with a JSON payload, to standard output, which NXLog can collect and process.


NXLog Salesforce

The Salesforce add-on provides support for fetching Event Log Files from Salesforce with NXLog. The script collects Event Log Files from a Salesforce instance by periodically running SOQL queries via the REST API.


NXLog Exchange

The nxlog-xchg add-on can be used to retrieve administrator audit logs and mailbox audit logs. These logs include events initiated by administrators or users who have made changes to the organization.


NXLog Box

Using Box’s REST API, this add-on fetches events from Box that are then passed to NXLog in syslog format with the JSON event in the message field.


NXLog Okta

Using the Okta’s REST API, this add-on fetches events from Okta that are then passed to NXLog in syslog format with the JSON event in the message field.


NXLog Amazon S3

This add-on can collect events from Amazon S3 cloud storage as well as send events to it. This is accomplished using NXLog’s input and output modules for Python along with Boto3, the AWS SDK for Python.

Cisco Firesight

NXLog Cisco eStreamer

The eStreamer add-on can be used with NXLog to collect events from a Cisco FireSIGHT System. NXLog uses the Cisco Event Streamer (eStreamer) API to communicate with the FireSIGHT System.

Google Logging Api 1

NXLog Google Logging API

This NXLog add-on uses the Google Logging API along with gRPC and protocol buffers to exchange log data. The add-on’s input component retrieves logs, whereas its output component writes them to the Logging API files.

Cisco Idde

NXLog Cisco IPS

The Cisco IPS add-on can receive alerts from IPS-enabled devices. NXLog uses the Security Device Event Exchange (SDEE) API to communicates with IPS devices.


NXLog Perlfcount

The perlfcount add-on is a Perl script that can be used with NXLog to collect system information and statistics on Linux platforms.

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