Monitoring browser history using NXLog

"NXLog is an excellent log shipper that, besides being able to collect Windows Security logs, Sysmon logs, can collect custom logs", including logs from various browsers.

2020.09.21. 12:54
Collecting Windows event logs in enterprise environment

NXLog gets recommended in a Tweet as the ultimate solution for the job

2020.09.02. 10:18
Windows default parser

NXLog gets recommended in a MCAfee discussion community as a solution for parsing additional fields in different Windows events

2020.08.20. 15:51
3 Best Syslog Servers for Windows/Linux

NXLog gets recommended as one of the 3 best Windows/Linux syslog server solutions

2020.08.20. 14:19
Logfile compression

NXLog gets recommended in a Reddit thread to ship the logs to another server

2020.08.14. 12:16
Setting up WEF to ELK

Mick Douglas of Bettersafetynet recommends NXLog for the job

2020.08.10. 09:28
Monitoring Windows DNS queries

In this Reddit thread the discussion is about easy and reliable ways of monitoring Windows DNS queires

2020.08.05. 15:35
Top 10 - Homelab Tools and Software

In this blog post NXlog gets recommended as the log collection software when setting up a Homelab environment

2020.07.27. 10:16
Best free event log forwarder for Win10?

NXlog is recommended for the job on a Reddit thread.

2020.07.25. 18:23
NXlog helps collecting Windows Applocker logs

Florian Roth writes concerning a Github issue, "Applocker is a very useful tool, especially on servers where unprivileged users have access. For example terminal servers. You need configure applocker and log collect to receive these events", and uses NXlog to tackle it.

2020.07.17. 14:13
NXLog in "Top SIEM Companies 2020" List

NXLog in Enterprise Security Magazine Medium post "Top SIEM Companies 2020".

"NXLog is a generic log collector and centralization tool with an open source log management system to manage the quality of data for SIEM. It is used by thousands of customers worldwide from small startup companies to large security enterprises and has over 70,000 downloads to date. NXLog makes Windows Event logs easy to read and interpret, while being less time-consuming and error-free. The SIEM solution provider is able to parse the event logs into readable JSON formatted logs. With a strong background in UNIX systems, NXLog remains platform neutral, benefitting the enterprise clients significantly."

Download our SIEM book here.

2020.03.20. 22:17
No More Secrets: Logging Made Easy Through Graylog Part 3

This a continuation of a longer series that VDA Labs is writing on Graylog also features NXLog Community Edition to ship DC logs back to Graylog.

2020.03.04. 12:47
Discussion on open source SIEM

Interesting discussion in a thread about open source SIEM at the Educause Security Discussion mailing list. Don't believe that 'nothing integrates' with your SIEM. Log collection agents such as ours can be integrated with your SIEM solution regardless if it is open source or not.

2020.02.13. 21:48
SIEM optimization with NXLog

Logging infrastructures mainly focus on SIEM analytics and correlations while log collection, log enrichment and log shipping end up taking a back seat. This uneven focus may result in unstructured or decentralized logging which can hinder information security, business continuity and regulatory compliance efforts. We offer a solution to the most pressing challenges organizations face when it comes to central log collection and SIEM optimization. Download our eBook today.

2020.02.10. 10:14