Hi team,

Our current .conf file has only one output module and sending logs to only one destination.
Can we send the logs to 2 different destination parallelly(Specifically we need to send to Accenture MSS)

Anjani CM

AskedApril 12, 2021 - 9:08am

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Hello Anjani,

Yes, you can send one input to two (or even more) destinations at once.

To do that, you need to include additional <Output> in your conf file, and then add it to your <Route>.

For instance, if your input part is named inp1, and outputs are out1 and out2, your route might look like this:

<Route r1>
  Path inp1 => out1, out2

You need to remember to configure formats and other settings according to your actual needs.

Good luck,

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    Hi Rafal,

    Can you please guide me for the below senario.
    If I have 2 collectors IPs as and, what should be my exact syntax in the nxlog.conf file.

    Please help us with complete configuration.