NXLog log collection solution for Google Chronicle

NXlog Enterprise Edition is a data ingestion solution recommended by Google. It helps to collect, enrich, and forward log data to Google Chronicle SIEM.

Leading security teams trust NXLog

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Save up to 25% on Google Chronicle licensing costs

100+ integrations and unlimited flexibility

100+ operating systems versions supported

Airlines and Aviation

A leading US airline had to become compliant with FAA and PCI DSS regulations. They had to ship log data to both a data warehouse (Azure, Snowfake) and Google Chronicle SIEM. It was essential to establish an unintrusive, time and cost-efficient log collection process.


  • ANSP program authorized
  • FAA compliance achieved
  • PCI DSS compliance achieved
  • Continued feet airworthiness


“NXLog Enterprise Edition and its management system completely met our demand for a lightweight, highly confgurable and scalable log processing solution. We are very satisfed working with NXLog and selected it over others to enable our Aircraft Network Security Program and to meet PCI DSS requirements.” 

General Manager, Cybersecurity Assurance

What you get with NXLog Enterprise Edition

Ensure a smooth data flow into Google Chronicle

NXLog Enterprise Edition natively integrates with Google Chronicle.

Our Chronicle module securely sends events to the Chronicle Ingestion API, automatically transforming them into the custom format.  

Get enhanced visibility of all events across your organisation

With NXLog Enterprise Edition, you can collect and send log data that isn’t easily captured by other solutions. We support over 100 operating system versions, including Windows, macOS, and most major Linux distributions.

Pay only for the data you need

NXLog Enterprise Edition trims unnecessary data, ensuring you're not billed by a SIEM for irrelevant information. This efficient approach results in up to a 500% total cost of ownership advantage. Additionally, optimizing network performance is achieved by batching event transmission, reducing your data transmission overhead.

Only collect the data you need

Be in command of your data— pick and choose which logs to keep and which logs to discard the moment they’re generated. Get rid of duplicate data, unused fields, and unnecessary events.

Configure once, deploy anywhere

NXLog Enterprise Edition agents can be rapidly configured and deployed with our clear and powerful configuration language. We support all major log formats. NXLog Manager allows for centralized agent configuration, deployment, and management, minimizing reliance on external tools.

Customizable and flexible

You can run NXLog Enterprise Edition in agent-based mode for enhanced security or to transform log data at the source. We also support agent-less mode to satisfy regulatory requirements or for legacy devices. Gain the flexibility to collect your logs however you like, including by integrating with existing Google Chronicle Forwarders.

Enhance log data security

We’re trusted by major banks, insurance companies, and critical infrastructure providers. Prevent attackers from covering their tracks by centralizing your logs. Redact Personally Identifiable Information at the source, ensuring data privacy. With encryption in transit as standard, you can tailor your log collection to ensure compliance with regulations.

Learn how NXLog works

NXLog Enterprise Edition is a high performance, multi-platform log collection solution capable of tackling the most demanding cases log collection may pose. Owing to its rich set of features, it can read almost any log format and parse fields to produce structured data for further processing.

  • 12 Years
  • >1.000.000
  • 600+
  • 100+

Why NXLog?

Google exclusively recommends NXLog Enterprise Edition to collect logs from various sources, including Microsoft Windows endpoints and server infrastructure