Achieve complete observability with powerful insights from your log data 

Easily manage, collect, store, analyze, and ship enterprise log data all in one place. 

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Leading security teams trust NXLog

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With NXLog  you can


Get full infrastructure visibility

Improve your infrastructure visibility and enhance threat prevention with a versatile multi-platform tool. With support for over 100 operating system versions and more than 120 configurable modules, gain comprehensive insights and increased security. 

Reduce Siem Costs

Reduce SIEM costs

Cut the cost of your SIEM solution by reducing noisy and unnecessary log data. Filter events, truncate unused fields, and remove duplicates to increase the quality of your logs. 

It Security

Simplify IT security

Collect and aggregate logs from systems across the entire breadth of your organization with a single tool. Reduce complexity in managing security-related events and decrease detection and response times. 


Meet compliance requirements

Empower your organization to meet compliance requirements by centralizing some logs in a SIEM and archiving others in your long-term storage. 

We integrate with all major SIEM and log analytics solutions 

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NXLog Platform is an on-premises solution for centralized log management, with versatile processing forming the backbone of security monitoring.  

With our industry-leading expertise in log collection and agent management, we comprehensively address your security log-related tasks, including:  

  • collection  
  • parsing 
  • processing 
  • enrichment  
  • storage 
  • management  
  • analytics 

Supporting all major operating systems, hardware architectures, and log formats, including integrations with leading enterprise-grade tools and major SIEM systems, we empower cybersecurity officers to respond effectively to security threats and infrastructure engineers to establish robust log collection and storage processes aligned with best practices and regulations. 

How does NXLog work?

What Sets Us Apart

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Over 1000 customers 



120+ configurable modules 



Customers from 62 countries 



100+ OS variations support 



Over 100 000 agents supported on a single node 



Up to x7 database compression ratio